Marcus Culvert, Founder & Racer


Since childhood, Marcus Culvert has always had a passion for fast cars and everything about them. Introduced to racing at a young age, he experienced his first drag race featuring legendary racer ‘Jungle Jim’ Liberman when his uncle took him to the speedway. Culvert knew then that he wanted to race too.


With the support of his uncle, he invested in a first drag street rod, a 1965 Chevy Impala SS with a 350 small block engine. Shortly after that, Culvert started competing at every opportunity. Later, he traded his Impala for a lighter weight 1970 Chevy Nova and began to learn as much as he could about muscle cars. This led him to countless races and appearances logging over 200 quarter-mile passes.


In 1992, while working as a civilian for the US Navy, Culvert became paralyzed and went through 2 years of recovery before he was able to get back on the speedway. That was in 1994 and he’s been drag racing ever since. Today, this community activist spends as much time competing as he does give back through his non-profit organization Unity Cares. The organization raises awareness for such issues as human trafficking, domestic violence, world hunger and drilling for clean drinking water.

“Right after my accident I had so many others helping me, including a man that I barely knew,” said Culvert.


Now, with a dedicated team of racing professionals assisting Culvert to oversee this extraordinary World Record attempt, he has prepared himself — through years of racing and engineering his technique — to obtain the title Fastest Paraplegic in the world. Please join us as we set this extraordinary record!

What’s next?


Setting the World Record at 240 MPH


A man of many hats, with interest in music and cultural development, Marcus Culvert is equally passionate about ending human trafficking and domestic violence. In an effort to make a difference, Culvert founded the nonprofit Unity Cares Foundation, also known as I Unity LLC.


Inspired by his passion and ability to utilize his talent on the speedway, Culvert’s genuine desire to make a difference supports the purpose behind setting the World Record.


We each have the ability to change the world and make it a better place. Your contribution will not only support our programs locally, but also help us reach others in need across the globe.

The Racer

Marcus Culvert may not be a name you’ve you heard of before, but he’s hoping one day it will be. A natural at drag racing, Marcus has his eyes on becoming the world’s fastest paraplegic drag racer. A military man in his early years, employed by the United States Navy as a civilian a well as an accomplished bass player and the founder and executive director of featured human trafficking and domestic violence awareness foundation, Unity Cares, Marcus’ injury, has only slightly changed his life’s course.

To watch a man who can’t walk but can go 240 miles an hour on a speedway (and do it with a big smile on his face; huge), this is the story of paralyzed speed demon – Marcus Culvert.


Our audience is an ideal match for the marketing objectives of both motorsport enthusiasts and non-automotive sponsors.


Marcus Culvert
Marcus Culvert
Marcus Culvert
Marcus Culvert
Marcus Culvert
Marcus Culvert

Benefits to Sponsor

Unity Care is excited to announce several ways in which sponsors can benefit from teaming with our foundation to raise the awareness of domestic violence and human trafficking.

✓ Reach the target audience through a community-based initiative
✓ Raise awareness and support for domestic violence and human trafficking victims

✓ Increase market share by introducing your brand to a new audience
✓ Align with a reputable community activist bidding for World Record

Promotional Plans

We are currently planning our promotional campaign which will include a host of traditional and new marketing strategies in order to maximize brand awareness for our sponsors. We have listed some of our primary plans below.

▪ Digital Marketing (banner and text ads, video)
▪ Interviews on Radio and TV (national and local shows)

▪ Grassroots Community Outreach (event invites, flyers)
▪ Vehicle wraps & decals (Race car)

▪ Online contest and Giveaways

“Right after my accident I had so many others helping me, including a man that I barely knew,” said Culvert. So after my recovery, I knew that God wanted me to continue living while inspiring those around me to not only pursue their dreams but give back to help others.”

– Marcus Culvert – Driver


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